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I've worked within computing for many years and have experience in Object orientated design, C++, Python and Java. These tools have been used in CAD and mathematically based applications within the electricity and water industries. I have experience in development both in Linux (and other flavours of Unix) and Windows. I'm currently looking for employment which can use these skills. You can read further details in my cv (updated 2014). My email is at the foot of this page!



Just for archive's sake here are our Christmas newssheets of the last few years:

Linux resources

And to highlight E-Notes 0.6 - in development - a modification of this dockapp. Bug reports, compilation failure reports welcome(!). You need a recent version of xerces to build, I had the libxerces-c25-2.5.0-0.20040818.1mdk and libxerces-c25-devel-2.5.0-0.20040818.1mdk rpms on my Mandrake 10.1 system (now upgraded to LE2005) - ummm which version!?.


Local copies of some techy stuff

.. and the All Saints' rotas

Playing with Terragen.. (click on the images to enlarge) and terragen2 looks pretty good!

terragen 2 imageTerragen 2 - no more black lines at the horizon!
Feb 06 image another el_cang_sozi based image high altitude snowscape waterside scene

.. and Terragen renders are

Web Stats - accesses to this web site! Web Stats for 2006 - Older Web Stats - accesses to this web site when it was on the previous server

The webcam - oh nooooooo!
And a couple of other sites

Older stuff

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