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im000558 Tittesworth phot0007 White Nancy phot0008 looking towards Rainow phot0009 ascending Kerridge Hill phot0010 May phot0011 From the top - lengthening shadows phot0012 Dale Top phot0013 From the very top phot0014 Macc Industrial Estate! phot0015 Clouds at sunset phot0016 White Nancy phot0017 .. and again phot0018 The walking party phot0019 Down into Bollington phot0031 phot0037 phot0022 Peover cows phot0023 Peover Hall phot0024 Sign over the stables phot0025 In the Hall Churchyard - distinctly French? phot0026 A gargoyle phot0027 a Sequoia phot0028 Rhodedendrons phot0029 Rhodedendrons phot0030 Through the fields nphot0031 The walk leaders nphot0032 sunset nphot0033 Ye Olde Park Gate Pub

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