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June 28, 2004

In Siberia - II

Not convinced on the quality of writing but he certinly has a story to tell! Whether it's the end of the Romanovs, the Old Believers or life in a dead end seaport near the Arctic circle it's a good and sometimes moving read.

Book Club Bullies

Giles Fraser in the Guardian, a little unfair, we all have problems looking at our views dispassionately - and probably shouldn't in the case of faith? There's not such a committment to a book that you (probably) first picked up a month ago!

June 08, 2004

In Siberia - I

Well, from Algeria to Siberia - Colin Thubron's travel book,
Top Google hit on the book.
Another review looks interesting. `Siberia is the new Tuscany', hmmmm!

June 07, 2004

Final Thoughts

I thought the book improved especially in the Lycee section - a real sense of involvement which may be a little foreign to Camus!
A Guardian review