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November 19, 2006

November Meeting

We had two books to discuss this month:
Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code - discussed endlessly on the web(!) good yarn, bits of implausibility and weak on geography and historical detail.
As a classic read we had Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier) where there was a bit of a split in views, incredible detail but a little implausible (bit like Dan Brown!). I didn't read the book - couldn't get hold of one from the library and there was a general shortage of time but I did watch the movie - though many years ago I did see the Wilfred Josephs' opera which was - I think - commissioned by Opera North - I see Josephs produced the 'I Claudius' music - for some reason I thought it was Malcolm Arnold. On Rebecca I thought of the Princess Diana parallel which seemed - to me - strong.