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November 25, 2004

Art and Architecture Tuscany

Nice bedside table relaxation
Had lingered by my bedside table for too long! Pleasant picture book

Miss Garnet's Angel

Wasn't sure about, wanted to like it but not sure, it felt a little contrived and I wasn't sure that I altogether got hold of it. The Toby/Tobias, Sarai/Sarah was a little too obvious. Review and interview with Vickers with book group questions The various mysteries and awakenings in Miss Garnet's Angel all play out against a Venetian backdrop that is perpetually in danger of annihilation, of being swallowed by the relentless sea tides. "Each day Venice sinks by just so much of a fraction."

November 07, 2004

Latest books

Have just finished reading Sarah Hall's book The Electric Michelangelo and in the midst of BATS latest Salley Vickers Miss Garnet's Angel, both making me think of run down slightly seedy holiday destinations. As I was born on the Lancashire coast the Hall novel had resonances though I thougt it was a bit too neatly symmetrical.

And all he could think about was the great sucking blowing sea at Morecambe Bay, how the tide travelled in and out, in and out, relentlessly, further than almost any other piece of shore on the British Isles, and faster than a grown man could outrun, like the maddening insolvency of love