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December 24, 2004

Dog Days Glenn Miller Nights

Finished Dog Days Glenn Miller Nights, not sure about this one, I nearly gave up around page 90 after - to my mind - nothing but small talk in the previous 90 pages, decided I'd make page 100 and then I found maybe there was a narrative thread which made it worth persisting. But that's half the book with a complete thumbs down!

December 14, 2004

Bit of a silence..

..massive dose of real life has broken in, and now this machine got upgraded to Mandrake GNU/Linux 9.2. So what have I been reading - Just finished Ellen Ullman's The Bug - recommended to me by Dot Graham bit depressing for me at the moment but gives a good fictional treatment of programming obsession.

I've completed Steve Chalke's The Lost message of Jesus - IMHO very good and timely.

And then there's the new too be read pile consisting of (inter alia) Winterson's lighthousekeeping and the BATS book for the month Laurie Graham's 'Dog Days, Glenn Miller Nights' - might as well have a link to the Cheshire Library site - can't find a review anywhere at the moment! But I found this not sure where the frisbees come in!